1.The child bursts crying at the sight of mother. 注意第三人称加s 2.Can you catch on my opinion? 3.He had been concious of the mistake he made. (不是conscion,这是名词,词组应该是be concious of) 最好是用过去完成时,因为该动作已...

Funding Information: 资金信息 Funding Source Amount Funding Source Amount 资金来源、资金数量 __ Family Funds $ __ Personal Funds $ 家庭支持的资金总量是多少;自己本人的资金是多少 __ Maryville College $ __ Home Government $ Maryv...

1)由于我们没有足够的库存,我们想知道每个订单最少需要多少数量?另外,我们下周先航空发送一定数量其余的统一走海运发送是否可以? 2)能否告诉我们这次突发紧急订单的原因吗?厂商想知道为什么? 3)请告知下个月的预报。订单数量会增加吗?

turn me over 让我高兴 turn me down 拒绝我 turn me off 让我反感 turn me out 赶我出去 Trans: 1.He used to read this book with the speed demanded. 2.I was ashamed of failing to have the qualification of an elite university. 3.Fro...

译文:Ok,We are waiting for your confirmation!

alloy and rhinestone


If it is possible to advance the lead time to 6/5?

Our leader is out,so the formal order will be supplemented later.

The book heroine Bella Swan, aged 17, is a born poor motor nerves, skin as white as sick as a normal girl. After his mother remarried and moved to Fox, this remote town of rain throughout the year, and his father live together ...

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