In development 在开发中 In developing countries在发展中国家 In developing在进行 In-house development center企业内部开发中心 In the development以发展

In the developing; We are at a moment of paradigm shift in development thinking and knowledge, and technologywill be an important part of this. 我们正处于一个发展思想和知识的范式转移时刻,而技术将是它的一个重要组成部分。 In de...

develop develop the new product

最贴切的说法是 Develope 放心,我是纺织国外推销经理,这个我最擅长了!

开发产品 Product development; Development product; [例句]注意:附录C展示了本文讨论到的我们在开发产品中所使用的自动化工具。 NOTE: Appendix C shows all the automated tools we used in developing the product discussed in this article.

研究与开发 research and development

软件开发(software development) 软件工程(software engineering)

开发代表 [网络] RDPDT; [例句]软件开发代表了一个大型而活跃,富有知识和工作能力的社团,其中包括了最好的软件开发实践,过程,和方法。 Software development represents a large and active community of knowledge and work, including sof...

"软件开发"_ 翻译结果: "Software development"

The task scheduling in the software development .............

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