可能上当受骗 possibly be caught with chaff; 或者possibly be decieved

上当 [shàngdàng] be caught with chaff rise to the fly swallow the bait 汉英词典 上当 [shàng dàng] be taken in;be fooled;be duped;be tricked;play into someone's hands 不要上坏人的当。 Don't let yourself be fooled by evil peo...

你还是当心点好,不然你会上当受骗。 You'd better watch out, or you'll be getting done in.

cheat 或者 fool 都可以 如果是被欺骗钱财的话,用cheat 如果是那种有“愚弄”、“捉弄”意思的欺骗,用fool

上当受骗 [词典] swallow a gudgeon; be tricked; be duped and misled in; be gypped by a swindler; [例句]1个小时后他没有带着我的钱回来,我才意识到自己上当受骗了。 When he had not returned with my money an hour later I realized tha...

不要上当受骗 Don't be taken in 双语例句 1 请各位用户提高警惕,不要轻易上当受骗。 Please alert the user that will not easily deceived. 2 对三类抽奖活动本文利用排列组合与数理统计等知识,进行了分析、揭露,以此告诫人们不要上当受骗...

Then, people are easy to be cheated, because it is difficult to ensure the quality of goods 然后,人们容易上当受骗,因为很难确保商品的质量

影响学习.可能上当受骗》英语翻译的翻译是:Influence learning may be deceived,见下图翻译


Make friends carelessly,swallow a gudgeon 交友不慎,上当受骗

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